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Since our inception,
has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

Avv.Benigno Law Firm has extensive experience in matters involving corporate and business tax law, corporate entity establishment and acquisition, the structuring of effective business planning for international joint ventures, EU investments in foreign entities, foreign trade regulation, regulatory compliance and the creation and actuation of effective corporate tax planning for domestic and international business transactions.
Avv.Benigno Law Firm has extensive experience in business tax law.
Collectively, the Avv.Benigno Law Firm is experted in matters affecting corporations engaged in commerce and trade in domestic and international ventures. 
To be effective in business tax law, Avv.Benigno Law Firm maintain strong relationships with their clientele, and provide counsel, advice and representation to intercede with governmental and international agencies.

The firm also assists Italian national and local public administration bodies, foreign states and public entities, organized markets and centralized securities management companies and international organizations.
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